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Radom Academy of Economics allows its students to gain knowledge comfortably and using the latest technologies and solutions. The university now has a well-equipped complex of 6 buildings with a total area of more than 5 000 square meters. It is completed by a comfortable social infrastructure.

Radom Academy of Economics campus is the largest and best-equipped teaching base among all private universities in the region of Radom.

At the building at 7a Mazowieckiego Street there is located a modern educational center, which is headquarters to the Department of Strategic and Technical Studies. It contains: Main Auditorium, two smaller classes holding up to 130 people, classrooms and laboratories with modern equipment and computer labs where students are preparing to obtain special certificates.

Services include a computerized library and reading room, Rector’s Office and the Department of Organization of Teaching. The building is also headquarters to the University Founder and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Multimedia laboratory

Equipped with the latest technology. There are classes conducted in the computer science, which prepare students for working with large LANs and WANs, and the CCNA exam. The university participates in the MSDN Academic Alliance, allowing IT students have access to the latest Microsoft software.


It is a modern, two-level location with a reading room, which meets high academic standards. Thanks to an interlibrary exchange, professional newspapers and the Library Computer system, the library provides students with quick access to the necessary information. The library is a center of information for students who will find here academic textbooks and materials necessary for writing papers and learning.

Campus at 61a Traugutta Street is a combination of historic architecture with modern educational facility. It is the seat of the Faculty of Social Sciences. There are Primum Auditorium, lecture halls, classrooms, computer lab, as well as professional forensic laboratory and a shooting range. The building at Traugutta Street is also the seat of the Chancellor of the university, as well as Bursary, Scholarships Section, Postgraduate Studies Office and the Dean’s Office. It is completed by a comfortable student cafe with wireless internet access and Café Gallery.

Auditorium Primum

This object is a modern building opened in 2009. It holds a lecture hall with seating places for over 300 people, a spacious lobby and reception. It is equipped with the highest quality multimedia systems which provides comfortable learning environment and allows the use of modern teaching methods.

The forensic laboratory

It was established in order to add a practical value for the faculty of Homeland Security. Students learn here the practical application of the four main areas of forensic science: criminal tactics, techniques, strategies and methodologies. Laboratory is equipped with the latest achievements of technology – polygraph commonly known as a lie detector, Video Spectral Comparator – to check the reliability of documents, case investigation, microscopes, and many other interesting devices.

Electronic shooting range

Specialized system that allows conducting firing training at all levels. It is equipped with a replica weapon Glock 17 and Beretta PX4 Storm with recoil simulator, simulating a real shot with a firearm.


Cafe Gallery

It’s a photograph exhibition combined with dining facility, just in time for discussion after the lecture ended.

The campus at Staroopatowska 1a is a modern two-storey building, in which the headquarters of the Department of International Relations and Students’ Internship are located.

It also houses the Academic Study of Practical Education, thanks to which students have the opportunity to educate and undergo apprenticeships in modern studios. These include: Studio of Consulting, Personality Development and Coaching, Psychological and Pedagogical Laboratory, Psychological Test Laboratory, Pre-school and Early School Education Laboratory, Finance and Accounting Laboratory, Enterprise Organization and Management Laboratory (Simulation Company), Local Government and Treasury Administration Laboratory, First Laboratory Premedical Aid, Laboratory of Security and Crisis Management, Laboratory of Cybersecurity and Information Security. There are also Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Offices on the campus.

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