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Important facts

Fact! The Polish Accreditation Committee

All the courses At Radom Academy of Economics have been positively approved by the Polish Acrreditation Committee.

The Polish Accreditation Committee is the only institution in Poland that is entitled to evaluate the quality and the effectiveness of education as well as the ways and the functioning conditions of higher education institutions. The Committee is formed by the most distinguished experts specializing in particular fields who are chosen by the academic community.

The Polish Accreditation Committee has been established on the 1st January, 2002  on the basis of the Act passed on 20th July, 2001 that informs about the changes in the higher education system, higher vocational schools, and the changes of other Acts that took place.

The Committee is in charge of all institutions that follow the above Act. This is the only institution in Poland contributing to the quality of education. The Committee is obliged to fulfill specific duties in the particular course of time. All the courses in higher education institutions need to be positively assessed by the Polish Accreditation Committee, which is obligatory. Each institution that does not meet with the Committee?s approval obliges the Minister of Higher Education to cancel or suspend the particular degree programme.

Before choosing a particular course at any institution, you are advised to check the opinion made by the Polish Accreditation Committee. You can do that by visiting:

Fact! Credible School

The School received a quality badge and a certificate “Credible School” awarded by the Academic Information Centre in Poland.

“Credible School” certificate is confirmation of high quality didactic capacity, scientific research of the academy as well as distinction for organizational competence and efficient academy management.

A prospective student taking up studies at such institution can be certain that the unit he has just chosen maintains high standard of education and makes efforts to help the graduates to appear easily on labour market.

Fact! Scholarships for all the students

Benefits from scholarships- many students will be able to study for free.

Radom Academy of Economics helps its students in their studies financing with their scholarship policy. It allows for lowering the tuition fee, being exempt from it or covering the full cost of the studies.

All the students can benefit from the scholarships regardless of their age or the fact they study full-time or part-time.

Fact! Jobs for the best students

We offer jobs to the best students. Every second employee is a graduate of Radom Economy of Economics.

We appreciate our students for their creativity and their intelligence. During the course of their studies we offer them additional vocational training under the Academy Graduate Programme. The best graduates are offered administrative jobs or a junior member of teaching/research staff.

Our students are well prepared in any future development in higher education or their employment.

Fact! Radom Open Lectures

Wałęsa, Cimoszewicz, Tusk, Kaczyński, Buzek, Borowski, Kołodko, Gronkiewicz – Waltz .etc. – over 30 Polish leading politicians met with the students of Radom Academy of Economics under the framework of the Open Lectures. Our Academy has organised the meetings with leading politicians and businessmen as well as other well known public personalities for several years.

Radom Open Lectures provide the students and other residents of our city with the possibility of direct contact with well-known people, so the lectures are very popular among students and residents of Radom. The views of politicians, economic activists, church dignitaries as well as other public figures are often the subject of controversy because of the opportunity of asking them questions. This form of meetings is extremely popular and has become a part of the city’s political and social scene.

Fact! International Lectures

WSH actively takes part in public life. Thanks to cooperation with international environment, meetings with ambassadors of countries that are in diplomatic relations with Poland are organized regularly. They are called “International Lectures”. This is the opportunity for everyone interested in international affairs, diplomacy and problems of modern world to discuss these issues. So far 37 ambassadors visited the Academy.

Fact! Open events

Every year Radom Academy of Economics organizes many open events. Thanks to them, the Academy is annually visited by a thousands of guests.

Radom Academy of Economics actively participates in the public life of the city and region. It has ogranised numerous open events which are very popular with the students and the inhabitants of our city.

The school organises events such as Days of European Culture, African Days, Ambassadors? Lectures, well-known politicians or public debates.

This year the Academy has organized a pre-election public debate with the representatives of all the political parties, apolitical student debate, a press conference with the leader of the Civic Platform – Donald Tusk and a lecture of the Ambassador of Romania.

The Academy is also an initiator of frequent meetings with well-known media, business and science people. It is also a creator of a cultural life. It organises art and photography exhibitions.

Fact! Tours to European Capital cities

Studying is the best time for travel. Following the maxim ?travel broadens the mind? the Radom Academy of Economics initiated the cycle of trips for students in the footprints of European capitals.

Students have visited Brussels, Antwerp, Berlin, Potsdam, Rome, San Marino, Prague, Vienna and Budapest so far. Last but not least is the fact that all the trips are co-financed by the Academy.

Fact! Studies co-financed under the European Programmes

Radom Academy of Economics is the biggest beneficiary of European Union funds destined for education. The Academy conducts postgraduate studies co-financed with the European Social Fund. It also organizes student exchanges and work placements under the Erasmus Programme.

Fact! Recipients of Polish Minister of Education Scholarship

Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education Scholarships are in the hands of our students. This year the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education granted scholarships to ive students for outstanding results. All scholarships were granted to the students of the Radom Academy of Economics.

The Scholarships granted by the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education are a prestigious award, which are only reserved for those students who have achieved excellent grade and actively participate in scientific as well as social activities. Students contending for this award have to, for example, engage in Student Circles activities, in the scientific and research work. They have to cooperate withother academic or scientific institutions, have publications, prepare elaborations and presentations, take part in conferences, symposia, open lectures, festivals or competitions. Additionally, they have to have an excellent command of English language, engage in charitable activities, co-organize cultural events in their regions, undertake social initiatives and have high averages earned during the whole period of their studies. That is the reason that few students attempt to compete for this prestigious award.

Students of the Radom Academy of Economics are the only students, who can boast about being regular recipients of this honourable award. In academic year 2012/13 five students have already been granted scholarships amounting to 11,000 zlotys per year. Scholarships are a confirmation of the quality of education at the Radom Academy of Economics and are an evidence of the academic staff?s engagement in the individual development of every student in the field of scientific as well social work.

Fact! The most distinguished students in the region – Primus Inter Pares

Three students of Radom Academy of Economics took the first three places in this year edition of the prestigious Primus Inter Pares competition. Primus Inter Pares is a competition which aim is to find and reward the best students in the region and the country.

Fact! Wings ? Economic Prize

Radom Academy of Economics is the only school of higher education which received a prestigious economic prize ? Wings.

Radom Academy of Economics was awarded for activities for the benefit of the region and promotion of the region in and outside the country.

Fact! Language certificates

Radom Academy of Economics is the only LCCI (London Chamber Of Commerce and Industry) International Qualifications approved centre in the region and is allowed to offer a wide range of LCCI qualifications, diplomas and group awards as well as deliver courses leading to LCCI International qualifications.

LCCI International Qualifications are recognised by a wide variety of educational institutions and commercial organisations around the world. Candidates use LCCI qualifications to support their applications to higher education institutions, professional bodies, public and private sector employers. LCCI exams have an official status in Great Britain. They meet all the recommendations and British standards in English teaching. In Poland, according to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers? decree, examinations offered by London Chamber Of Commerce and Industry satisfy the requirements of the recruitment process for civil servants.

Exams offered by the London Chamber Of Commerce and Industry give way to the career in education, industry and business.

English For Business (EFB), Spoken English For Industry And Commerce (SEFIC), English Language Skills Assessment (ELSA) and Further Certificate For Teachers Of Business English (FTBE) are the most popular LCCI exams.

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