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The aim of training in the specialisation in Healthcare Administration is to prepare qualified staff for work in healthcare. The specialisation combines legal and administrative aspects of health care and medical law. In the course of studies within the specialisation in healthcare administration, students will gain in-depth knowledge and skills in how to implement new systems in healthcare, data collection or human resources management, how to analyse the costs of medical services and solve problems in healthcare. Legal knowledge will enable the student to smoothly navigate amendments to laws, including those on medical activity or health care. As a student, you will acquire skills in finance and identification of financial resources. You will also not be unfamiliar with the principles of cooperation with strategic investors or banks.

Completion of the specialisation allows you to acquire knowledge and skills in:

  • legal and administrative aspects related to health care and in the amendments to the laws, among others, on therapeutic activity or on health care
  • systems of health care, organisation and functioning of health care institutions
  • principles of financing health services
  • orientation on legal aspects of health care functioning
  • tools for the implementation of changes in the units and with issues of personnel management in health care.


Graduates of the specialization will be able to work in public health in the broadest sense. These may include clinics, government administration, hospitals or treatment centres. You will also be able to work in non-public service sectors and in the pharmaceutical industry.

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