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Draft od specialization

Within the framework of the specialisation in  audit and internal control in the company, the student will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge of auditing standards and develop skills in applying them, as well as gaining knowledge of the requirements for efficient and effective internal control systems in an organisation. Internal audit and internal control in a company are essential, especially in large private sector business units, and are even mandatory in public sector entities. In turn, auditors themselves play a very important role, providing support in the decision-making process for both company owners and managers.

specialization focuses on

  • economic crime
  • objective and reliable analysis of various aspects of company operations
  • implementation and improvement of audit activities in accordance with international standards of professional internal audit practice
  • you will become a professional and objective support for owners and the wider management of a company or institution
  • develop innovative and out-of-the-box solutions to problems arising from inefficient management and/or a deficient internal control system of the company

career prospects

Graduates of the Audit and Internal Control specialisation are prepared to work as internal auditors in the private and public sectors (in the case of management control – mainly in the public sector). The study programme paves the way for graduates to work in the finance and accounting departments of any economic entity, as well as in tax authorities and customs chambers. Graduates of this degree programme may perform the following functions: managerial, e.g. head of an internal audit unit, financial directors, members of the management board of an organisation, members of supervisory boards of companies.


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