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The Radom Academy of Economics educates specialists in the following fields: Management, Finance and Accounting, Preschool and Early School Education, Pedagogy, Psychology, Administration, Law, Internal Security, Criminology and IT.

If you are interested in acquiring valuable candidates, we invite you to take advantage of the free Careers Office offer in the following areas:

-presentation of the company profile during meetings with students / graduates,

-distribution of information materials about the company in the RAE,

-posting job offers, internships and internships on the Academy’s website.

We offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the first stage recruitment service provided by the Career Office, consisting in making a preliminary selection of applications included in its database – in accordance with your requirements for candidates. You will receive from us a list of candidates who have posted their CVs in line with your expectations in our database.


As part of professional training, students of the Radom Academy of Economics implement projects for external stakeholders (companies, corporations, non-governmental organizations). The projects they have developed are of an analytical and advisory nature.

Thematic scope of projects carried out by our students:

-research for various institutions / companies / organizations (e.g. diagnose needs)

-organization / coordination of volunteering – workshops (e.g. integration and communication)

-vocational counseling

-help in solving specific administrative problems

-writing applications, appeals, complaints and grievances

-assistance in solving cases from administrative proceedings, etc.

-research and analysis in the forensic laboratory

-fitness exercises at the shooting range

-draft pleadings

-drafting legal opinions

-analysis of specific issues on the basis of the files of individual cases

-preparation of financial statements, annual balance sheet

-development of economic analyzes and financial reports

-settlements with the Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution, insurers, trading partners

-managing the content of websites

-improvement of the organizational structure of the enterprise

-analysis of reducing the number of unnecessary movements and increasing efficiency

-preparation of scenarios / outlines of didactic classes

-preparation of interesting, clear teaching aids, properly-matched to the topic of the classes and the goals pursued

-developing and implementing own methodological solutions, adequate to the assumed teaching goals

-realization of project tasks

-monitoring and testing of applications developed as part of projects

-system administration.

The Academy is open to any new thematic proposals and the implementation of joint projects of our students with companies.

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