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draft of specialization

Bachelor’s degree programmes in this specialisation prepare graduates for work in airports. They provide students with the comprehensive and structured knowledge necessary to carry out tasks related to the security management system at airports and issues of implementing security management in a variety of business entities. The studies combine both theoretical and practical aspects. In addition to imparting the necessary theoretical knowledge (acquired in the form of lectures, exercises, conversation classes and seminars), part of the course is conducted at specialised operator stations, which allow the acquired knowledge to be deepened and consolidated.

Graduates of this faculty will gain knowledge of the following topics

  • the legal basis of civil aviation
  • organisation of civil aviation
  • organisation of the air rescue system, -airport infrastructure
  • airport infrastructure
  • classification of hazards and the system of response to particular hazards
  • organisation of a threat protection system
  • aircraft terrorism
  • protection of civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference

career prospects

Studying as an Airport Security – Security Control Operator allows you to gain professional knowledge and skills necessary for a career in airport security, the Border Guard, shipping or travel agencies. In addition, in companies that intend to implement a security management system in their area of activity and in companies intending to undertake business cooperation with companies operating in the area of civil aviation. Graduates have the opportunity to obtain a Qualified Physical Security Officer  certificate with an entry on the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO) list and a Security Control Operator certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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