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Students of the Pedagogy specialisation Coaching and Mentoring will acquire the key competences of a professional mentor and coach. The study programme, combining theory and practice, includes workshops, exercises and trainings, during which students will learn to solve ethical and professional dilemmas, get to know individual personal characteristics and develop interpersonal skills, useful in establishing positive relationships necessary in future professional life. Students in this specialisation will also explore the mechanisms of coaching tools and acquire the skills to apply them in practice.


The programme of study within the specialisation includes such topics as:

  • Pedagogy of creativity
  • Psychology of personality
  • Group work techniques
  • Interpersonal skills training
  • Methods and tools of coaching work
  • Tools of mentor’s work
  • Structure and course of a coaching session
  • Ethics in the work of a coach and a mentor
  • Interpersonal training
  • Methods of dealing with a difficult client
  • Creativity in the work of a coach
  • Practical workshop of mentoring
  • Communication and metacommunication in the relationship with the client
  • Strategy and tools for building a personal brand

CAREER prospects

Thanks to the theoretical knowledge of the basics of mentoring and coaching, the strengthening of social competences and the equipping of students with the knowledge of how to build relationships with clients, graduates will be able to take up jobs as: managers, managers at various levels in business, HR specialists or those dealing with personnel policy, personal or professional advisors, personal development coaches or carry out the tasks of foundations or associations.

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