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draft of specialization

The aim of the study is to prepare for work in social rehabilitation centers, working with juvenile and adult offenders, dysfunctional families, and addicts and socially excluded. Students will acquire the ability to diagnose social pathology, know the methods, techniques and means of social intervention and tools for the implementation of precautionary and preventive programs. Students receive direct preparation for work in environments that require pedagogical support (“street educator”, curator). Learn on the principles of educational counseling and legal solutions in the field of rehabilitation. Acquire the ability to establish, organize and support international cooperation?s in the field of social precaution and rehabilitation.

specialization FOCUSES ON

  • Psychology
  • Pedagogy
  • Pedagogical concepts and systems
  • Theoretical foundations of education and training
  • The history of educational philosophy
  • Biomedical basis for development and education
  • Social prevention
  • Social pathology
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal training and mediation
  • Andragogy?s
  • Victimology
  • Pedagogical diagnosis

career prospects

The graduate will be prepared to work in school and educational centers, treatment centers for drug addicts, social assistance and educational centers, social rehabilitation services (prisons, detention centers, shelters for minors), foster care, county and municipal family support centers, interventionist institutions (police, municipal police, crisis intervention centers), as well as at the judiciary, as educators, counselors, legal guardian or mediator positions. Proper education in psychology and sociology will prepare for work in institutions such as: government, NGOs and local authorities? dealing with social prevention and rehabilitation.

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