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Draft of Specialization

Social psychology is currently one of the most developing fields of psychology. Its topicality and the attractiveness of the offer with which it reaches out to man is directly related to the challenges he faces in the modern world. The contemporary market for psychological services is oriented towards the personal and professional development of the human being seen in an integral and universal way. In many business situations, problems in the working environment, family problems, in the sphere of social decision-making, in the construction of systems for motivating employees, support in crisis situations, knowledge and competence in psychology are essential. In this context, we have supplemented social psychology with elements of coaching. For it is difficult to imagine the proper functioning of modern society, the development of social systems, the adaptation of managers to the dynamics of social change, without knowledge of the basics of psychology, in the absence of the ability to use the mechanisms of social influence. In building valuable and lasting social bonds, competences in the field of relationship psychology are extremely important. Students in this specialisation gain knowledge in the field of empathy, interpersonal relations, creative team management, entrepreneurial thinking in building social groups, the ability to go beyond thought patterns and personality limitations to build their own personal matrix based on individual identity parameters. The aim of the course is to form social competences in the aspect of managing one’s personal and professional development. The study aims to provide the necessary skills to manage a team of people, through skilful building of interpersonal relations and the use of barrier-free communication in building a civil society.

Specialization focuses on

Selected speciality subjects:

  • Relationship psychology
  • Foundations of psychology
  • Psychological mechanisms of exerting influence on people
  • Social psychology
  • Psychology of group behaviour
  • Techniques of group work
  • Techniques of individual work
  • Basics of individual and group psychotherapy
  • Coaching
  • Coaching methods in practice

Career prospects

Graduates of the specialisation Social Psychology with elements of coaching can find work in modern companies and business environments.  People graduating from this specialisation will be prepared to work in non-governmental organisations, local activity centres, local action groups, foundations and associations. The elements of knowledge and qualifications obtained in this specialisation will allow to build relationships in employee teams in a modern, creative and dynamic way. They will therefore be people who will take up jobs as personal advisors, mentors and coaches, or professional development trainers. The acquired skills will allow graduates of this specialisation to find their place in the market of training, coaching and consulting companies. The competences acquired during the studies will be helpful for social workers, probation officers, local government employees and animators of social life in the region.

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