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General characteristics of the studies

The concept of studies

Information Sciences is a field of study which develops dynamically, creating many new challenges as well as broadening the possibilities of self development. Nowadays most jobs require at least the basic knowledge of information sciences. One in four new workplaces in EU countries are created in the field of the telecommunication, Internet, information technology and computing. Information Sciences Studies include theoretical and specialist knowledge as well as the formation of practical skills regarding software and information systems.

The programme of the studies ensures gaining of appropriate qualifications essential for construction and operation of IT systems components consistent with market demands, administration of medium sized IT systems, creation and management of internet services or management of information projects. Lectures and classes are held by experts with a lot of practical experience. During laboratory classes the modern equipment and software is used.

The studies include the following blocs of subjects

  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Computer networks
  • Internet technology
  • Computer graphics and multimedia
  • Computer aided design
  • Methods, languages ​​and programming paradigms
  • Software engineering
  • Databases and IT administration
  • Computer systems security
  • Artificial intelligence
  • IT project management

Job perspectives

A graduate of computer science gains the ability to work individually and in team work in the field of web services, graphic design in agencies and advertising companies, creating applications necessary for his further work, designing computer networks, administering IT systems and managing IT projects. A young IT engineer will find employment not only in specialized companies dealing with the manufacture, protection, implementation and maintenance of information systems, but also in various sectors of the economy – industry, business, administration, IT services as well as research and education. A graduate may find employment as a software developer and creator, researcher, administrator of complex IT systems and computer networks, IT security specialist, or other computer or office computerization.

Radom Academy of Economics won the competition organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the project of offering studies under the so- Directions ordered. The project of studies in the field of computer science, submitted by the Radom Academy of Economics of Commerce under the name of “Engineer Era”, received a subsidy from the Ministry for the amount of approx. PLN 2 million. Thanks to this, IT students receive up to PLN 1000 monthly co-financing. Compensatory courses, internships and specialized training courses also took place within the course. The project was implemented in 2010-2014.



Koło informatyków WSH

Scientific Circle of Young Computer Scientists

Scientific Circle of Young Computer Scientists

RESEARCH TUER:  MA Eng. Artur Podolski –

CHAIR OF THE WHEELS: Alona Kondrashova mail:

The AHNS Young Computer Science Research Group has been operating since October 2017 and brings together students who need to expand their knowledge and skills in various fields of Computer Science, including robotics. So far, linefollower and Minisumo robots have been constructed in the wheel crampons, with which members of the wheel have performed, among others. in the prestigious ROBOMATICON event, organized by the Warsaw University of Technology. Working in a circle enables students to broaden their knowledge in, inter alia, in the field of electronics, programming and programming platforms, 3D modeling, creating and processing raster graphics, and acquiring other skills in line with the latest trends in IT technology development and the interests of members of the club. We invite you to join the circle of people willing to develop their skills and broaden their knowledge in various areas of computer science.


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