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DRAFT OF specialization

Specialization is focused on the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in solving technical problems related to the design, building and administration of computer networks. Students learn on the basics of web servers, as well as data transmission method both wired and wireless, configuration and maintenance of network servers and security of computer networks.

Specialization focuses on

  • Wired and wireless networks standards
  • Designing a computer network
  • Installation, diagnostics and operating structural networks
  • Routing
  • Virtual networks
  • Administration of networked systems
  • Computer network security

CAREER prospects

Graduates of Specialty is prepared to design and maintain the network and data communication systems in many companies, i.e. for the purpose of decision-making systems, designed using web-based system methods and maintained using modern administrative tools. After graduating this specialization student will be prepared to work as a designer and administrator of computer and network systems, software developer, operator or maintenance specialist. A graduate of this specialization will also acquire skills to work in the Centers designing electronic systems for various industries and companies implementing and maintaining ICT systems. He can also find work in business, institutions, local authorities, who work in the network, as well as wherever the internet is being used.

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