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Mobile devices have become a part of our lives and the world around us is becoming the mobile world. Professions associated with new technologies have always preferred programming skills in its practitioners. Classic software solutions market is already highly developed. The new areas of market development are related to the dynamic boom for mobile technologies in the field of hardware, operating systems and network infrastructure. Few universities with computer science course offers education in mobile technologies, so we’ve decided to meet the expectations of the market and opened a new specialty in the Faculty of Computer Sciences. It is the Programming for Mobile Devices. By selecting this specialization, students will learn on software development and delivery of mobile services.

Specialization focuses on

  • Operating and embedded systems
  • Programming in Java for Android
  • Programming in objective C
  • Programming of games for mobile devices
  • Algorithms and Data Structures

CAREER prospects

Graduates of Programming for Mobile Devices Specialization are prepared to work in software companies, marketing agencies, and other institutions using modern forms of reaching its customers.

Market for mobile devices applications is growing rapidly. Specialty programming for mobile devices meet the expectations of a growing labor market in this area. The specific knowledge of developing applications for mobile devices is not yet widespread amongst developers; therefore it certainly is worth to get education in this regard


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