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Draft of Specialization

The aim of the studies with a specialisation in addiction psychoprophylaxis , is to familiarise students with the personality conditions and social determinants influencing a person’s use of addictive substances. Completion of the studies will allow students to gain modern knowledge of the physiological, psychological and social determinants of addictions. Students in this specialisation will gain skills in diagnosing and describing the signals of emerging addiction as well as the psychophysical symptoms of psychoactive substance use. Issues related to addiction to the Internet, telephone, gambling and other contemporary forms of addiction are addressed during the studies.


Specialization focuses on

The study programme for the specialisation includes such topics as:

  • Psychology of addiction
  • Psychodiagnostics
  • Basics of addiction prevention
  • Psychological mechanisms of addictions
  • Addiction prevention models based on personality development
  • Psychopathologies
  • Online addictions
  • Personality psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Addiction diagnosis methods
  • Basics of crisis intervention
  • Group work techniques
  • Basics of individual and group psychotherapy



Career prospects

Graduates of the psychoprophylaxis of addictions specialisation will be prepared to start work in schools, addiction prevention centres, sociotherapeutic day centres. Graduates of this specialisation will be equipped with knowledge, skills and competences allowing them to engage in the work of Commune Interdisciplinary Teams, Commune Commissions of Solving Alcohol Problems. Graduates of this specialisation will find their place in the activities of organisations counteracting addiction problems, in addiction treatment centres, as implementers of prevention programmes in school environments.

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