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draft of specialization

Marketing management and public relations is a specialisation with traditions. The programme of the specialisation includes up-to-date, modern, broad issues of contemporary market and marketing management of a company, as well as issues of public relations with tools for its practical application. This specialisation prepares students to work in the marketing, sales and public relations departments of production, trade and service companies, as well as in public institutions. Graduates can use the acquired knowledge of mechanisms and models of corporate communication, models and instruments of this communication with emphasis on the specificity of public relations, knowledge of the image and identity of an organisation and their influence on the brand and position of a company on the market, management and implementation of external and internal PR activities of an organisation, creation and implementation of marketing strategies in social media and planning, conducting and analysing the results of marketing research.

specialization focuses on

Completion of the specialisation allows you to acquire knowledge and skills in:

  • building and managing a personal brand
  • internet monitoring and analytics
  • public relations and corporate communication
  • organisation and management of public relations in a company
  • crisis management
  • internal communication
  • creating an employer’s image
  • communication management in the intercultural space
  • market processes and the functioning of companies on the market, using marketing principles
  • analysis of market phenomena and the use of marketing tools for company operations on the market, using relevant information technology
  • acquiring data for analysing specific social processes and phenomena (cultural, political, legal, economic) in the field of marketing and sales
  • analysing company processes in the context of creating and delivering value to customers
  • marketing budgeting
  • teamwork and intercultural communication
  • use of web analytics and monitoring tools
  • creating and managing websites and blogs

career prospects

Graduates of the Marketing Management and PR specialisation are prepared to start working in advertising agencies, PR agencies, creative agencies, media houses, as well as in the media (TV, radio, press) and social media. The knowledge and competences acquired will allow you to open your own business. Graduates will be well prepared to take up employment in local government units, offices and non-governmental organisations, consulting and training companies as well as production, service and commercial enterprises.


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