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draft of specialization

The Management of Modern Organisations specialisation prepares students for a managerial position, which is related to the creation and implementation of management solutions in an organisation for the optimal use of employee potential and company resources. Contemporary organisations are forced to operate in conditions of various economic turbulences. The pursuit of competitive advantage and the desire for successive development result in an upward trend in the number of potential difficulties and problems. Therefore, creativity underlying innovation and the right choice of methods and techniques become the answer to successfully managing a modern organisation.

specialization focuses on

Completion of the specialisation allows you to acquire knowledge and skills in:

  • managing an organisation in the modern world
  • behaviour of managers – main characteristics
  • development potential of enterprises, companies and other economic entities
  • key characteristics of the efficient functioning of a company
  • basic management concepts: the philosophy of quality, the philosophy of a learning organisation
  • innovative human resource management methods
  • benchmarking, outsourcing, reengineering as basic concepts aimed at organisational change
  • management by objectives, strategic scorecard as a focus on priority tasks
  • concepts to identify priorities – stakeholder theory, case studies
  • knowledge-oriented concepts – knowledge management

career prospects

By acquiring knowledge from the specialisation Management of a modern organisation, students will be professionally prepared to implement modern management methods and techniques in companies, enterprises and other business entities. Creativity and the ability to think strategically, the speed and accuracy of decision-making and situation analysis are key attributes for the realisation of their professional ambitions. Working in a company looking for creative, talented employees, employment in an elite group of experts has an impact on increasing activity, passion and interest in personal development, it is also an opportunity for the company to build a competitive advantage in the market.


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