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Studies within this specialisation are conducted on the basis of a practical profile, which guarantees the acquisition of practical skills in working with people interested in issues of personal health and caring for the health of others. The aim of education in this specialisation is to prepare for work in the area of human health, perceived from the perspective of both physical and emotional spheres. Completion of the studies will equip graduates with knowledge that will allow them to describe and explain human attitudes in the context of health and disease states and to provide adequate psychological assistance. The graduate will learn to appropriately select and use tools that will allow for precise diagnosis of problems, enable the application of various psychological assistance techniques and effective cooperation in an interdisciplinary team. Interdisciplinarity and the ability to work in a team, is dictated by the welfare of the patient and his/her family. During the course of study, we emphasise the importance of human development across the lifespan, the ability to empathise, to be open to others and to be authentic in contact with others. It is worth noting that the study programme includes, in addition to psychological knowledge, broad and professional and social competences.


The study programme for the specialisation includes such topics as:

  • Psychology of personality
  • Clinical psychology
  • Elements of psychosomatics
  • Introduction to psychodietetics.
  • Health-promoting behaviour in psychological terms
  • Psychological aspects of somatic diseases
  • Health psychology in non-psychiatric medicine
  • Health promotion
  • Disease prevention
  • Psychological aspects of the health care system.


Graduates of the specialisation in health psychology will be prepared to start working in institutions interacting with health services, in companies promoting healthy lifestyles and personal development. Graduates of this specialisation will be able to support the work of professional staff in fitness clubs and rehabilitation facilities at health care institutions or sports centres. Graduates of this specialisation will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and competences to be involved in leisure centre schools, the work of holiday groups, community centres and recreational facilities. Graduation from this specialisation will allow graduates to find their place in the activities of organisations counteracting problems related to obesity, anorexia and other healthy lifestyle and eating disorders.

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