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The aim of the studies within the specialisation, Computer Science and Information Technology Education, is to familiarise students with the conditions of a modern didactic environment in the school space and extracurricular forms of education for children, adolescents and adults. Implementation of the programme within the framework of the specialisation will allow to prepare for teaching Computer Science in all types of schools and educational institutions. (excluding establishments in which employment is regulated by separate regulations) Completion of the second-cycle studies, supplemented by obtaining a teaching qualification, will allow students to gain modern knowledge of the didactics of computer science and the use of modern technologies and digital methodologies in teaching. During the studies, issues related to the use of the Internet as an educational tool and educational space are addressed. Contemporary education in a society based on modern digital technologies, requires a change in the didactic paradigm, allowing the teaching process to be realised online. The construction of the study programme based on a practical profile allows to look at the problems of IT education from the perspective of everyday challenges faced by a school, teacher and parent. The studies on the aforementioned specialisation are dedicated primarily to IT graduates and all those who wish to use the latest achievements of information technology in their professional work as teachers, pedagogues and educators.



The study programme within the specialisation includes such topics as:

  • Information and communication technologies in teaching
  • Elements of e-learning
  • Didactics and methodology of computer science and computer education
  • Management and administration of a computer laboratory
  • Selected issues of robotics in teaching
  • General didactics
  • Behavioural addictions
  • Personality psychology
  • Group work techniques
  • Interpersonal communication training
  • Labour pedagogy
  • Andragogy


Graduates of the specialisation will be prepared to start working as computer science teachers in all types of schools. After completing studies in this specialisation, you can find employment in educational institutions, computer laboratories, day care centres, access points to remote learning platforms. Thanks to the soft competences acquired during the studies, graduates can take up employment in non-governmental organisations providing educational services with the use of remote learning platforms. Completion of the studies will also allow you to take up a job in the IT services sector, where your educational skills and pedagogical competences will allow you to build good relationships within a team of employees and contractors.

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