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Concept of studies within the specialty

Students of this specialization will gain knowledge in the field of threats occurring in ICT networks, network attacks and the skills of organization, construction and use of cybersecurity systems, protection of confidentiality and data integrity in modern databases, in particular in transactional and statistical databases. They will be able to ensure the continuity of the database system operation and the security of information processes using incomplete internet databases.

Completing the specialization allows you to gain knowledge and skills in the field of:

-ensuring the continuity of the database system,
-technological aspects of cybersecurity,
-standards and norms in the field of system security,
-mechanisms for ensuring security in networks, operating systems and computing clouds,
-application of artificial intelligence methods in cybersecurity,
-cybersecurity engineering,
-advanced access list structures,
-network access servers,
-authentication, authorization and access control services,
-IDS / IPS protection systems.


After completing this specialization, graduates will demonstrate extended theoretical and practical knowledge as well as skills in the field of security in information systems and related sciences, which concern system solutions in relation to information security and ICT systems security. They will be ready to work in the area of information security and cybersecurity, both in public sector organizations, including government and local government public administration, or in non-governmental and international organizations, including the private sector, as advisers, specialists, inspectors, security system designers and managers with expertise in this field.

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