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The logistics services sector is an extremely fast-growing industry, looking for qualified professionals in management, planning and organisation. Employers’ requirements in terms of employee qualifications are constantly increasing. This is a result of the increasing sophistication of IT systems in logistics, planning and organisation of companies. The international nature of companies and organisations requires a range of qualifications, skills and knowledge in management, marketing and finance. Knowledge of foreign languages is extremely important. The Logistics Management specialisation will enable you to acquire adequate knowledge and skills in this field, meeting the demands of the modern and dynamic European labour market. The specialisation is dedicated to those who would like to obtain the qualifications necessary to work in the logistics sector of national and international companies, firms and corporations.


Completion of the specialisation allows you to acquire knowledge and skills in:

  • international and global logistics, production logistics
  • supply logistics
  • logistics systems design
  • organisation and planning
  • coordination and supervision of supply chains
  • efficient management of logistics resources
  • qualifications for working as a specialist or manager in the field of logistics, supply chain, process coordination
  • purchasing, sales, cooperation with suppliers, storage logistics, production logistics, transport
  • distribution or customer service


Logistics Management graduates can seek employment as international logistics specialists, sales network specialists, supply chain specialists, logistics and planning managers as well as in managerial positions in non-governmental organisations. The acquired knowledge and competences will enable the student to take up employment in production companies in various branches and sectors of the economy, trade and sales networks and services in the TSL industry, as well as in the logistics divisions of public administration and local government offices.


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