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The aim of the specialisation is to prepare you for managerial functions in health care institutions. Within this specialisation, knowledge of managing health care entities and the most important aspects of their functioning, including financial ones, is transferred. Students will also be introduced to legal regulations concerning the health care system, marketing of medical services and principles of medical documentation. In the course of study, students acquire managerial skills necessary for the effective management of health care institutions and for carrying out changes in them.


Completion of the specialisation allows students to acquire knowledge and skills in:

  • modern methods of managing medical facilities,
  • management in new, postcovid conditions,
  • management of a medical entity,
  • principles of health care functioning in Poland and comparing them to health care systems functioning in selected countries,
  • economics and finance of medical entities, including among others: implementation of a new cost accounting standard, valuation of medical procedures, basics of classification, coding and tarification of medical services, practical principles of developing restructuring programmes
  • law in health care, including, inter alia: an overview of health care legislation, principles for the establishment and registration (“step by step”) of a medical entity, pharmaceutical law, patient rights, legal aspects of practising medical professions, principles for medical records, public procurement law with regard to medical entities, legal aspects of contracting and settling contracts for the provision of medical services
  • marketing and public relations, including among others: marketing of health services and products with elements of PR, practical principles of e-marketing, communication with the patient and the environment, internal communication,
  • information systems used in health care, including, but not limited to, an overview of information systems in place and in use in health care entities.


Graduates of the Management in Healthcare specialisation are well prepared for positions as managers of medical facilities or medical and non-medical staff.


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