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5th edition of the conference: New trends in psychology and pedagogy!

On April 13th, 2022, the Scientific Circle of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy organized a meeting with an exceptional guest – Bartosz Mikołajczyk, MA. During the event, it was possible to get answers to bothering questions of future psychotherapists or psychologists or other specialists interested in the above-mentioned subject.

The discussion concerned the following issues:

-How does the job look like and in what facilities can a sexologist work?

-The range of problems that sexology deals with?

-At what age do people see a sexologist most often? At what age should they see a sexologist?

-Are there any connections between psychology, psychotherapy and sexology?

-What competences should a psychotherapist have?

-What are patients afraid of before knocking at the psychotherapist’s office?

-What helps and what hinders the therapeutic process?

The meeting was extremely interesting, the students were eager to ask questions and share their thoughts. Cognitive curiosity and openness to new experiences is the atmosphere of the above meeting. Many thanks to the specialists accepting the invitations. I would also like to thank the students for their presence and activity at the meeting.

Tutor of the Scientific Society of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Milena Durasiewicz, MA

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