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Within the framework of the specialisation, Economic Espionage Prevention, implemented at the Faculty of Internal Security, Bachelor’s degree studies, graduates are prepared to work in fiscal control services, companies with large customer databases and institutions collecting classified information. The specialisation is dedicated to people who want to take up service in the Police Departments for Combating Cybercrime, the Police Departments for Combating Economic Crime, the Police Departments for Combating Corruption, the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, etc. Studying this specialisation, through the realisation of programme contents related to methods of economic fraud, ways and forms of extorting data on the functioning of companies and enterprises, will allow one to prepare for work in departments dealing with “commercial secrets”. Classes within the subjects are implemented on the basis of state-of-the-art software and IT technologies. Graduates of this specialisation will find employment in banks, corporations, producer groups, companies and trading companies.

Completion of the specialisation allows you to acquire knowledge and skills in:

  • Techniques for obtaining data from companies in an unauthorised manner
  • Security measures for the collection of confidential documents
  • The functioning of cyber security systems in companies
  • The functioning of systems to counter business cybercrime
  • Identifying fraudulent falsification of company financial data
  • Diagnosing real or projected fraud in the handling of false information
  • Recognising accounting manipulation
  • Recognising cases of tender fraud
  • Fundamentals of criminal law
  • Fundamentals of fiscal law


Graduates of this specialisation can find employment in companies with large databases. They are prepared to work in the Police in the Economic Crime Department, in the National Fiscal Administration, the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau. People graduating with this specialisation will be able to look for jobs in companies with activities related to finance, accounting services for other business entities, organisations involved in building public security in the economic dimension.

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