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The Psychocriminology specialisation is interdisciplinary – it combines knowledge and skills from, among others, psychology, criminology, criminology, sociology and law. The studies provide an insight into the reasons why people commit crimes, as well as ways to prevent convicted persons from re-offending. At the same time, students learn about the psychological and social aspects of victims of crime and how to provide psychological and legal assistance to victims. In addition, the studies familiarise students with the specifics of the activities of the uniformed services (police, prison service) and other entities working with perpetrators and victims of crime.


Completion of the specialisation allows you to improve your knowledge and skills in:

  • methods of profiling unknown offenders
  • methods of mediation and negotiation in crisis situations
  • psychological assistance to victims of crime
  • psychological knowledge in court and penitentiary practice
  • interrogation of witnesses and suspects
  • re-socialisation measures for convicted offenders
  • taking preventive or corrective measures
  • risk factors for sexual exploitation of minors and adults and their prevention
  • diagnosis, and the taking of preventive or corrective measures for persons displaying disorders of social functioning and social maladjustment


The knowledge and skills acquired during the studies are desirable in such business entities and institutions as: uniformed services, in particular the Police, the Prison Service, as well as in social welfare institutions (e.g. social welfare centres, crisis intervention centres, family assistance centres), institutions related to the administration of justice, e.g. probation teams (as a social probation officer), or as a court mediator. Graduates are prepared to undertake work in institutions providing assistance to children and youth at risk or experiencing social maladjustment (e.g. youth upbringing centres, correctional facilities, sociotherapy centres), as well as in the sector of protection of persons and property.

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