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Entering the Faculty of Pedagogy, specialisation Senior Pedagogy will enable the students to acquire knowledge and interdisciplinary skills in the field of working with the elderly, palliative care, nutrition and dietetics of the elderly, music therapy and occupational health and safety. The study programme will enable students of this specialisation to learn about the mechanisms of functioning of the elderly in the family and social environment, as well as to develop the ability to diagnose the needs and problems of the senior environment. Students will gain knowledge of a variety of competencies in the area of supporting seniors in developing, diagnosing and meeting their own needs, leading a healthy and active lifestyle – both physical and mental recreation and forms of care. They will also be equipped with the pedagogical, psychological and sociological knowledge necessary to work in a changing social environment.


The study programme within the specialisation includes, among others, topics such as:

  • Gerontology
  • Family sociology
  • Andragogy
  • Theoretical foundations of social work
  • Social pedagogy
  • Special needs pedagogy
  • Social work
  • Relationship psychology
  • Psychology of quality of life
  • Psychology of change
  • Methodology of creative work
  • Values pedagogy
  • Attitude training in the family


Graduates of this specialisation will be valuable employees in the labour market and will find employment, among others, in hospices, day care centres for seniors, in selected administrative units, e.g. Universities of the Third Age, academies or senior citizens’ clubs. They will also be able to act as tutors in social welfare or foster care institutions, as instructors in nursing and care facilities or as employees of a crisis intervention centre.


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