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Students Circle of Young Administrative Officials
TERMS AND PLACE OF MEETINGS: determined on a regular basis ACADEMIC YEAR PLAN OF 2016/2017 I. Actively participate in the implementation of research and educational projects at the Faculty of Social Sciences, mainly in the following areas: 1. Meetings of the members of the Young Learned Scientific Team. 2. Participation in research. 3. Participation in scientific conferences held at the RAE through the organization of these conferences as well as the preparation and presentation of papers. 4. Participate in workshops for enhancing practical knowledge for students. The workshops will include meetings with practitioners in specific areas. Suggested topics: A) “Understanding taxes” (in setting the scope and date with Dr. Piotr Możyłowskim) B) “How to write an official letter?” C) “Victims of uniformed services – how and where to file a complaint?” D) “With legislation on you? “What is it and are we influencing the law?” E) “A day in the life of an official – what is the job of an official of public administration?” II. Monitoring by members of the Circle of academic activities of academic centers in the country and in the world. Active participation in other academic conferences organized by other universities. III Participation of the members together with the guardian of the visit to the NSA – scheduled date – April / May

Ph.D Tomasz Włodek,

Ewa Lisowska,

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