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Cyganeria Piaseckiego 11, 26-640 SkaryszewOSM

Kraszewskiego, 26-600 Radom


Tybla 10, 26-600 Radom

Youth Hostel


single room1000 złsingle room 650 złsingle room1000 złsingle room not available
double room500 złdouble room 450 złdouble room 550 złdouble room not available
triple room450 złtriple room350 złtriple room 450 złtriple room 350 zł


Hotel AVIATOR Radom (****)
Hotel AVIATOR Radom
ul. Malczewskiego 18, Radom

Hotel ASTOR Radom (****)
Hotel ASTOR Radom
ul. Chorzowska 1, Radom

Hotel ISKRA Radom (****)
Hotel ISKRA Radom
ul. Planty 4, Radom

Hotel GLASS Radom (****)
Hotel GLASS Radom
ul. Władysława Beliny- Prażmowskiego 17, Radom

Hotel ARBITER Radom (***)
Hotel ARBITER Radom
ul. Piotra Michałowskiego 1, Radom

Real Estate Agencies

Thanks to the cooperation with SPECTRUM Real Estate Brokerage Agency under an agreement from 13.02.2015. We were able to accommodate many students. They can use the agency offer commission charge.

Mediation Agency SPECTRUM
ul. Wierzbicka 26/44
26-600 Radom
phone: 512 391 779, 601 446 445

logo - Agencja Pośrednictwa SPECTRUM

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