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Modern library is located on to floors of the ‘D’ building of University (7a Domagalskiego Street). It consists of: library, reading room and library archives. Reading room is equipped in computers with access to internet.

Library opening hours:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 8.00 – 16.00
Wednesday – 8.00 – 16.00
Thursday – 8.00 – 16.00
Friday – 8.00 – 16.00
Saturday – 8.00 – 16.00
Sunday – Closed

Reading Room opening hours:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 8.00 – 16.00
Wednesday – 9.00 – 17.00
Thursday – 8.00 – 16.00
Friday – 8.00 – 16.00
Saturday – 8.00 – 16.00
Sunday – Closed

Dear Readers, please send us any suggestion of purchase and suggestions about the work and operation of the library sent to the address

Thanks to your attention we will be able to more easily adapt our offer to current needs and expectations.


Domagalskiego 7a,
Building D
26 – 600 Radom,
Tel / fax 048 363-22-90 ext. 60 and 61

PLEASE read the Rules of the Radom Academy of Economics Library:

Regulations in quick point:
1. In order to set up an account and use the rental service, the reader is obliged to present valid student ID.
2. The collection located in the reading room is given by a librarian.
3. At the same time you can rent five volumes for a period of three weeks.
4. Extension of book borrowing date can be made if no one has previously ordered a copy: – by extending your virtual library account – personally – by sending an email to the library address ( – by calling (48 360 10 75 25)
5. The fee for a late book return to the Library is 20 cents for each delay for each book.
6. The fee for losing or destroying the borrowed volume is: twice the book purchase amount incurred by the University.



Library of Radom’s Academia of Economics is equipped well enough to fulfill its educational function. Library has over 19,000 volumes. It has a rich, modern and diverse collection of books, the profile of which is adapted to Study courses. It consists largely of academic books and scripts with topics such as: international relations, economics, finance, pedagogy, psychology, internal security, national security, crisis management, organization and management, human resources management, entrepreneurship, political science, sociology, law and administration, European Union, statistics Information Technology, Philosophy, Ethics, Public Relations, Advertising, Social Communication, Marketing, Criminology, Psychology, Terrorism, International Conflict, Accounting, Banking, Social Policy and more. The users of the library are fully computerized in the Socrates – Sowa program, using electronic reader accounts:


The Reading Room is a large reference library containing dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias and more. Radom’s Academy of Economics Reading Room collects and provides students with magazines. The library currently subscribes 41 journals in the paper version, which can be used only on the spot. Moreover, in their resource library holds around 90 titles of Polish and 28 foreign periodicals archive titles. These files are not for rental. Readers can also use the electronic journals that are available on the publisher’s website and can be used outside the Academy.



The library has a wide stock of multimedia collections of over 1250 CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, and VHS tapes, including multimedia encyclopedias, language courses, computer programs and training videos. Some of them are annexes to the collected journals and scientific publications. A collection of multimedia has been made available in the library catalog.


We present the database and services that we are offering students, listeners and researchers of Radom Academy of Economics.


Libra IBUK Libra is an electronic reading room for e-books – academic textbooks, scientific publications, popular science journals and specialist journals, scientific journals, among others. In law, administration, economics, computer science, internal security, pedagogy and psychology, as well as fiction. With advanced technology and online access, readers can use the service around the clock, from anywhere. The platform enables you not only to read books but also to work with advanced text. You can use the resources on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. IBUK Libra technology does not require special software installation and is fully secure for your device. Directories are available in every web browser. WSH students have the opportunity to use the service from all the computers located on the campus via the website, as well as remote access allowing users to access books from any (home) computer after logging on to Network (download code in the Library). The IBUK Libra platform gives the students of the College of Commerce the ability to work with on-line text, which means that each user will have their own MyIBUK account, which allows you to create notes, mark and tag book fragments, preview bibliographies in various formats, Content, the ability to check the changes made in the Book Center, and the direct linking of issues and content of books with dictionaries and encyclopedias.


Virtual Library of Science

Virtual Library of Science is a database that provides Polish academic and scientific institutions access to the knowledge from all around the world, such as:

  • ELSEVIER – full-text database containing Elsevier journals (over 1700 titles, yearbooks from 1995)
  • SPRINGER – full-text database containing Springer journals (over 1800 titles, year of 1996).
  • Wiley-Blackwell – full-text database containing Wiley-Blackwell journals (over 1200 titles) and other publishers (ACS, AIP, Emerald, IEEE, LWW, and since 2011 also IOP, CUP, OUP).
  • Web of Knowledge – biblio-metric and bibliographic database.
  • SCOPUS – biblio-metric and bibliographic database.
  • EBSCO – contains 12 databases of scientific journals and other publications in English.
  • NATURE – magazine.
  • SCIENCE – magazine.

Access to the resources of the Virtual Library of Science is possible from all computers on the premises of the Radom Academy of Economics.



The Legalis database is the most comprehensive and comprehensive database of Polish law. All Legalis on-line data types are updated daily (business days). The database includes: – Legal acts – The Legalis system offers the broadest base of legal acts and guarantees access to a set of consolidated acts from the Journal of Laws. Full texts with all time versions make it possible to compare them in a simple and intuitive way. Legal acts in the database of the Legalis system are: Polish Law Journal and Monitors, Official Gazette of the EU, Local Law, Official Gazettes of Ministries and Offices, Corporate Law, Draft Laws. Legalis has a complete set of source acts since 1918. – jurisprudence – a rich base of the most recent case law of Polish and European courts, including the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Regional Administrative Courts, the Appellate Courts, the European Court of Human Rights and the EU Court of Justice, including a comprehensive database of unpublished Supreme Court rulings. All in all, the Base has over 1 147 000 judgments since 1925.

  • templates and contracts – the largest database of templates and contracts, presented in word, excel and pdf formats. Some examples include practical explanations (related to the corresponding comment modules). In total more than 17,000 designs of letters and contracts are presented.
  • informer – database of addresses of public entities, data on indicators used in the economy
  • news and calendar – source of information about changing almost
  • Polish Legal Bibliography of the Polish Academy of Sciences – covers all items since 1970.

Students, lecturers and WSH staff have access to the following comment modules:

  • Real estate law – Administrative law
  • Tax law – Public procurement
  • Economic law
  • self-government law
  • Intellectual property law
  • European Union

Access to Legalis Base resources is available from all computers located at the Radom School of Commerce.


NASBI is a web-based e-book library aimed at a wide audience Readers for whom knowledge and personal development transcended competencies Scientific and professional are crucial in perceiving your future. NASBI is Based on a modern technology education platform available to students, Employees, management and academic staff. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in using our web library Ebooks NASBI To apply to the RAE Library for individual authorization code, necessary To set up an account. Thanks to this, you will receive 24/7 access e-books from anywhere, also using mobile devices.



Interlibrary library allows a defined community to lending of other polish libraries of: books, photocopies of press articles, and other materials, which are not available at Radom Academy of Economics Library. The imported materials can be used in the Reading Room.

People entitled to use the interlibrary collections:

  • WSH staff
  • WSH Students
  • WSH Postgraduate students

To order, please send an e-mail to:

Radom Academy of Economics exchanges reading materials among:

  • Library of the University of Warsaw,
  • Library of the Łazarski University in Warsaw,
  • Library of the School of Economics in Piotrkow,
  • Library of the School of Business in Dąbrowa,
  • Public Library in Mielec,
  • Library of the Catholic University of Lublin,
  • Library of the Polish Institute of International Affairs,
  • European Library of the International Affairs Institute,
  • Library of the Warsaw University of Technology,
  • Library of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw.

We lend our own collection

  • Radom’s Academy of Economics lends its collection to other Polish Libraries
  • Materials from Reading Room collection can’t be a subject of interlibrary lends. Only in appropriate cases (that have to be individually disputed), these materials can be borrowed.

To order books please send your order to:

Radom Academy of Economics
7A Domagalskiego Street,
26-600 Radom
Or send it to:


Do you have books you read in your collection and would like to give them to someone else? Bring them to the RAE Library and let your books wander from hand to hand. The RAE Library has joined Bookcrossing. There is an official bookshop in the Library, Building D, at Domagalskiego 7a.

Bookcrossing is an unconventional form of popularization of books and readership, mobile, virtual library – without own seat, shelves, library cards. The idea behind bookcrossing is the free transfer of books by leaving them in public places as well as in deliberately created so-called. Bookcrossing shelves (tables, shelves, show cases), so that the finder can read and forward them. The idea of ​​a circus book was born in the United States in 2001, and was initiated by computer programmer Ron Hornbaker. His idea was called bookcrossing (in Polish book exchange, book-circulation, travel book). The response was excellent and within two years the concept reached Poland, also in virtual form. Since 2004 bookcrossers in Poland have been celebrating the National Book of Free Books. Currently, books can be exchanged in many places, and the idea of ​​bookcrossing is mastering the whole world. Bookcrossing requires the social trust and accountability of all users, and he or she is an educational role.


  1.   Go to   
  2.   Open the REGISTRATION link and register (Nick, password, voivodship, town)   
  3.   Open the RELEASE BOOK link  
  4.   Type in the book you want to release: ISBN, title, author, a few words of encouragement to read and where to put it.  
  5.   We print the sticker and enter the BIP number given to the book – you can only enter the BIP number without the sticker.
  6. It is worth adding a few words about the book being released.
  7. Then leave it anywhere, it can be park, shop, bus or eg on the official shelf registered on

Want to know the fate of your book?

Would you like to know about her journey? also allows you to track the fate of a book we have released. School, college, library, shop are the most convenient places to advertise this beautiful idea. Tell your family and friends, make bookcrossing grow. Is all this “bureaucracy” mandatory? Of course not! We can always unleash the book unofficially, but then we can not know its future. The idea of ​​bookcrossing is to make books as large as possible.


The Radom Academy of Economics has developed a system of scientific, didactic and material care that takes into account the needs of people with disabilities to provide them with optimal conditions for full participation in the education process. This also applies to the facilities associated with the use of the RAE Library’s resources.

All students with disabilities have an extended term of lending books up to 4 weeks. Every disabled person has the possibility to use the agent’s agent when using the library and to receive books ordered.

If a disabled reader wishes to authorize the receipt of his or her other books, the person authorized to receive the book should present proof of identity and a one-time authorization upon receipt. The power of attorney can be withdrawn at any time.

Authorization to receive ordered books 

A power of attorney to use the Library as a substitute for the reader.

If the reader wishes to authorize another person to use the Library, he or she must submit a valid power of attorney for a specified period in the library in the presence of the librarian. The power of attorney can be withdrawn at any time.


New computer station for disabled students The Library of Radom Academy Economics has a new computer room for students with disabilities, especially visually impaired and blind. It is located in the Library, at Domagalski 7a, building D.

The position consists of:

  • Computer with monitor
  • Dolphin Keyboards equipped with high contrast subtitles
  • KidTrack – a device that acts as a computer mouse
  • Headphones
  • Electronic Magnifying Glass
  • Printers / Scanners / Printers
  • A program that magnifies the sound  and the embarrassing Windows environment

Detailed description of the computer workstation for disabled students

The computer workstation for disabled students

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