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 Students organizations

It’s a national representative body for all Student Self-Governments. Students Parliment of RP Represents close to a 2 million group of citizens and serves as the “student union”. The students’ parliament works for students by:

  • Inspiring and organizing international students exchange
  • Assistance in obtaining funds for the needs of local student?s self-governments and other university organizations
  • Support initiatives aiming at increasing the number of students, university additional investments, raising the level of education, reforming the program and the course of study
  • representing the student community in the national arena with dealing with government bodies
  • gives opinions on legal acts relating to the students.

Student Government of Radom Academy of Economics supports all activities initiated by the students’ parliament of RP.

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MONSSUN is Inter universitae National Independent Students Association of Non-State-funded Universities. In its work it focuses primarily on representing the interests of non-state University students on the national arena. MONSSUN since its inception has actively participated in the work of the central bodies of student self-governance. Partnering in projects and issuing opinions on legislation relating to higher education. This activity is carried out by representatives in the Executive Council, the Board of Students, and Students? RP Parliament’s committees. Radom Academy of Economics is actively involved in the life of MONSSUN through their representatives.

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AIESEC is an independent, international student organization bringing together students and university graduates from over 90 countries around the world. In Poland it operates since 1971. Its primary objective is to enable young people to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to support the development of their own environment. For this purpose, each year AIESEC organizes 5,000 international practices, more than 4,000 different projects and trainings, and approx. 350 conferences.

In addition, AIESEC is an excellent opportunity to travel, gaining international friendships, as well as the opportunity to discover and develop own potential. Students of Radom Academy of Economics permanently cooperate with the Local AIESEC Committee in Radom.

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Academic Legion

Academic Legion of the Radom Academy of Economics is a student association leading student?s specialized training that gives students practical skills that make them attractive candidates for the uniformed services.

With training in military units of the Polish Armed Forces, students – soldiers learn about the realities of military service, equipment used in trainings and the system of defense of our country. There’s a wide range of courses topics such as: rescue tactics, communications, shooting, tactical actions in the field and in urban areas, mountain climbing, combat systems.

The activities of the Academic Legion of Radom Academy of Economics are also based on close cooperation with the departments of public safety, such as the Police, Municipal Police and Road Transport Inspectorate. The participation of specialists from these institutions in the training courses conducted by the Academic Legion allows its participants to gain expertise in the field of States internal security.

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The Student Organization, “Volunteering”, acting at the Radom Academy of Economics was founded on the initiative of students – volunteers. It brings together volunteers – undergraduate, engineering, master and postgraduate students. The purpose of the “Volunteering” Organization is to make students aware of important social problems. Through selfless work for the other person, volunteer students learn responsibility and sensitivity. They also have the opportunity to use the knowledge gained in college, the opportunity to learn interesting, full of energy, willing to act and to create something unique together. The activities of volunteers – students are implemented in two areas: Voluntary activities, among others. : In family homes and family centers – we assist directors in care and education with orphan children, we provide assistance to young people living in youth education centers, we actively participate in projects of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, “Student Projector Volunteer Project” We work with patients, we help with charity, we help street children, we help and spend free time with the elderly staying in social welfare homes, we read fairy tales to children in kindergartens under “All Poland reads to children”, we help disabled people Overcoming social barriers, we help children in community centers. It should be emphasized that students – volunteers are taking up their activities not only in the city of Radom, but also with their help to the inhabitants of smaller towns in the vicinity of Radom. Scientific activity: Students develop research tools with the help they carry out research in their own voluntary activities, participation of volunteer students in national and international students’ scientific conferences on volunteering, presenting the results of their research, organizing the National Student Scientific Conference. The mission of Volunteering is to engage in solidarity activities for the needs of the person in need, but we also focus on the development of the students themselves – volunteers who, by engaging themselves, can acquire a range of social competences and skills. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to pursue your interests, is a path of self-development and an opportunity to look at your skills and abilities.


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