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The profession of games programmer is extremely desirable and well paid. According to forecasts, it is a profession in which specialists will be in short supply for many years to come. Graduates of the course will find employment as game programmers in the rapidly growing IT projects sector. Graduates can find work as game programmers or testers in computer game design companies and as specialists in the creation of special effects. They can also design games or simulators in companies that train employees with the help of computer games or as developers of multimedia advertisements.


Completion of the specialisation allows you to deepen your knowledge and skills in:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Multi-layer applications
  • LAMP solutions (Linux Apache Mysql Php)
  • Practical use of databases (relational databases, e.g. mysql, non-relational databases -> mongodb)
  • Server-side scripting languages (php)
  • Client-side scripting languages (java script/jquery)
  • Construction and organisation of html documents
  • Basic use of CSS styles

Career prospects

A graduate completing an engineering degree in the specialisation Programming of Internet Applications obtains the basis for employment in the development sector of ,,www” applications. He/she is oriented towards the creation/modification of “application engines” and acquires skills allowing for the maintenance and administration of applications in operation. He/she has the professional skills to undertake work in centres designing the image of the company with the help of the Internet and in modern economic entities and institutions for which the Internet is the most important tool for competition, promotion and dialogue with potential customers.

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