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Databases and Data Engineering


The specialization is proposed for those students who, using programming skills, want to use their knowledge in data processing and analysis processes and within the dynamically developing trend known as Data Science. Students of this specialization will gain comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of advanced data processing and analysis tools, data warehouse, Business Intelligence systems as well as data integration and analysis. They will also acquire programming skills and the use of specialized software for acquiring, integrating and processing data as well as acquiring and visualizing knowledge hidden in the data.

Studies focus on the following issues:

-design and implementation of database systems and their development trends,
-advanced data processing and analysis tools,
-Data Warehouse,
-Business Intelligence systems,
-data integration and analytics,
-data processing and mining,
-acquiring knowledge from a variety of data from various sources.


A graduate of the Databases and software engineering specialization can successfully be employed in any software development company, as well as in any type of enterprise in IT and analytical positions that specialize in providing business software, as IT system administrators and as analysts in companies that use the possessed data for business analysis. He can work as an independent IT specialist / IT consultant in small and medium-sized organizations dealing with the maintenance of IT systems and supporting their users, and as a database programmer and / or data analyst in organizational units and companies using data collected in IT systems, modern organizations of all sizes.

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